I'm Benjamin De Cnuydt

Game programmer

  • Full Name: Benjamin De Cnuydt
  • Age: 25
  • Nationality: Belgian
  • Email: benjamin.decnuydt@gmail.com
  • My Interests: Tabletop RPG, TCG, Video games, jogging, tinker
  • Favorite game: Medievil, Black & White, The Binding of Isaac
  • Quote: It makes the difference !
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Some people call this junk. Me ? I call it treasure.

About Me

Brain on fire when projects give me shivers

I'm Benjamin, a programmer living in Belgium and possessing a bachelor degree in IT management completed by a master in Computer Science. I did an internship for Smoall and developed a web service for them.

During my studies, I had the opportunity to experiment multiples technologies and programming languages. Handle a new technology doesn't scare me and I'm confident in my curiosity and thirst of knowledge to push myself into good practices. As a Python lover, I managed to use many libraries for diverse purposes: data mining, image recognition, pdf generator, IOT,...

I'm currently studying game programming at GameAcademy in order to work for game studios who made my childhood awesome. When a game suits me, only playing is not enough and I try to develop tools for the community. This spirit gave me the conviction that my place could be in a studio.

Making games is a way to make my code more human. I always struggled to explain my projects, studies and passion to my friends and family. Thanks to video game development, I have now the possibility to share emotions with them. Gameplay programming is my favorite part but I'm also interested in AI programming.

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E: benjamin.decnuydt@gmail.com

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